MDF DoorMaker

The Routed MDF Door is typically a MDF slab that has CNC operations, which simulate Stile and Rail Construction.

The designation "MDF" does not assign, nor require, that the door be made of MDF. Door material assignments are still accomplished in the Door Catalog, by selecting the appropriate Material Schedules from the Material Tab. Doors in the "Routed MDF" category are not limited to MDF; instead, you are free to choose any Material appropriate for your application. Remember, at least one Material Schedule must be selected for each Door. A few of the concepts used are as follows:


i_blue.jpg You will specify "gaps" in the set up process that defines how far apart the Doors are on the sheet of Material they are being cut from. This gap is subject to, and will be affected by, the diameter of the router  bit. You will need to know the clearances required for the details you are producing, and make the adjustments when necessary.

To Create a Router Profile

To create a router profile, you will need to create a new Tool.

Access the Tool Catalog from the Solid Splash Screen. See the NcCenter Help Files for general Tool Catalog, Tool, and Tool Set information. (If the Router profile(s) you will use exist, skip To Create Tool Sets)


  1. Click the image829.gif Create New Tool Button on the Button Bar.

  2. Name the new Tool.

  3. Choose "Shaped Router" or "Flat" if no shape desired.

  4. Click the Tool Shape Tab and Edit the Profile of your new Tool. You will create ½ of the profile, the other half will mirror automatically when you click the Tool Properties Tab to leave this window.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each profile you would like to use.

To Create Tool Sets

  1. Click the image829.gif "Create New Tool" tool on the tool bar.

  2. Name the new Tool.

  3. Choose "Tool Set".


  1. Click the Tool Shape Tab.

  2. Click the image830.gif Add tool.

  3. Select the Router Bit from the drop down list in the Router Bit column.


  1. Adjust the Offset and Depth by entering values in the adjoining boxes. You will have to click on a different box after adding data to see the value take effect.

  2. Repeat steps 5 through 7 until you have created your overall pattern.

  3. Verify the pattern by deactivating the image831.gif "Show Tool" tool.

  4. When you open the Door Catalog, and select a Routed MDF Door, or create a Routed MDF Door, the Profile Tab displays your new Tool Sets, or Router Tools.

When defining a Tool Set, choose as many Tools as necessary to accomplish your pattern. Note that the pattern below is on the edge. The image832.gif Display On Edge Tool shows the patterns appearance to look as if it is "On Edge". If this Tool were selected for an "On Edge" cut, Solid would select an Outline Tool to cut through the Material since neither of the Tools shown do so.


Toggle the "Cut Glass" feature to Yes and you will enable another path on the back surface of the Part for Glass. Although it is one Tool Set, it is not a single pass. Here is the "Cut Glass" feature, with the "Show Tool" turned off to show the bottom operation for the glass. The profile represents the area surrounding the "lite" on the Door. The Tool Catalog and the Tool Shape can be custom items as they are here.


To Select A Route Path

The path the route follows is defined in the Door Catalog Editor. When you select a door in the Routed MDF category, and choose the "Construction" Tab, a graphic of a Door panel will be displayed. To the right of the graphic is a drop down option bar that will list several route paths (If you have activated them on the Profiles Tab). Select the path that meets your needs from the list by highlighting it. Once selected, the path will appear on the graphic. The path can be adjusted by setting the values in the Stile and Rail width boxes. This does not create additional Parts, it simply dimensions where the path occurs giving the appearance of different sized Stiles and Rails.


There are additional buttons to Mirror the top detail, or to apply the detail to the bottom corners. By clicking on the small box each of these features may be toggled on or off. To apply the profile, or the pattern to that route path by clicking the "Profile" tab and putting a check mark in the box to the left of the route pattern name, or outside edge profile name. If you check several pattern options for this Door, you will have the ability to use the same Door with multiple patterns.

Routed MDF Doors, Points to remember